Dodging in Warcraft

I’ve posted before about missing the ‘dodge’ key in Rift, WoW and other more static-combat games. Now that I’m playing Tera the feeling that something is missing from combat if there’s no explicit dodge ability has gotten stronger and stronger.

In WoW my shaman does have Spiritwalker’s Grace. This allows me to pretend I’m playing Guild Wars 2 for 15 seconds every two minutes since it grants him the ability to cast while running around for that time. But I think I’m missing having an explicit movement/dodge ability that can be a tactical move during combat.

I have a choice of two classes that have a movement ability on short cooldown to fit this bill in WoW, mage with blink or hunter with disengage (I’m discounting monks with their roll ability as I don’t want another melee character). I haven’t as yet created a pandaren character so one option would be to use that for a new mage or hunter character – I have both already but they’re both Horde-side and I’m not playing enough anymore to care for an entire stable of characters. I *could* pay for a faction change to avoid starting from level one but then I resent having to pay money for such things when I’m paying a monthly sub already and they are automated systems anyway!

Decisions, decisions…


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