WoW patch 5.2 and daily zones

The trailer for the Thunder King patch 5.2 is now up on Youtube (n.b. old link was to 8 year anniversary video which is also cool!).

It’s a mixed bag for me as a non-raider PVE player. I am only part way through the Operation: Shieldwall daily quest series (link but beware spoilers), which continues the story for level capped characters after you finish the main zones. So I have no immediate interest in a new patch when I’ve not yet finished the 5.1 patch content. The new patch adds a new raid, which I’ll likely not see at all, but there will also be some content I could enjoy such as a new world boss, a new scenario and presumably some more story development.

The faction locked storylines, similar in construction to the Molten Front dailies of the Cataclysm era (or possibly Hytbold in LOTRO?) are one approach to making content last longer perhaps to dissuade the zerg or mad rush of players from completing the patches content the day it launches. The daily mechanism for unlocking story is great if you play the game daily, I don’t anymore so it’s rather slow progress. I’m undecided whether I prefer content to be event based (set periods of time) or grind based like these two examples. On the one hand the dailies mechanism gives the player some measure of control of pace of unlocks and there’s no need to set aside time in your diary just to avoid ‘missing out on content’. On the other hand it does feel slow and like being given ‘chores’ compared to the time limited events of Rift and Guild Wars 2.

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  1. Shintar says:

    Clicked on the link to see the 5.2 trailer and it turned out to be something else… I quite liked that one though. 🙂

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