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Tera: popori duo

Another gaming session with the popori duo, it’s great fun to play as a lancer / mystic duo in this game. Near the end of the starter zone there are a couple of instanced quests that offer more of a … Continue reading

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EQ2: To molo or not to molo

Coming back to EQ2 I’ve found certain quests still in my log that I’m just not able to solo, group quests or normal quests that are just unusually hard – like A Spirit Key (wiki leak, spoilers ofc) from a … Continue reading

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Syl on MMO housing

Syl at MMO Gypsy has some interesting thoughts on the future of MMO housing. There are two main points to the post – 1) personalisation and 2) social tools / opportunities. The two example MMORPGs used in the post are … Continue reading

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More on MMO futures – EQ Next

  Massively have an interview with the EQ dev Dave Georgeson, a k a Smokejumper, about EQ Next. This latest game featuring the fantasy world of Norrath is predicted to release in late 2013 (no firm date yet), with a … Continue reading

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GW2: the future

After our last duo game of Tera my partner commented that we must log back into Guild Wars 2 sometime. I agreed of course, but that sort of stuck in my mind afterwards, for whatever reason GW2 just hasn’t been … Continue reading

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Wildstar and group ‘questing’

Wildstar is one of those games that may or may not be great. I’ve watched the housing video and it all looks rather fun and innovative. There’s tons of customisation and according to the voice-over a lot of items to … Continue reading

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Tera: big lances and little heroes

I’ve started a duo with my partner to show him Tera. We’re level 9 and zooming through the starter isle experience at present. Still not much in the way of proper group content, I’m looking forward to trying our Lancer … Continue reading

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