WoW: the Grummle guilt trip

The Grummles are a lovable species introduced in Mists of Pandaria. They are the sherpas of this new continent, acting as guides and traders in the high mountains of Kunlai.


As is typical of Blizzard, the Grummles have a strong racial character and a place within the land’s history. They also have really cute voices and sayings. There are a few quests throughout Kunlai on a repeating timer where you escort a convoy of Grummles from one basecamp to another. These quests are the perfect way to lead the player around the zone in a sensible order, if you chose to follow them.


The problem comes when you see the desperate cry from a distant Grummle guide who has dutifully run off on the scheduled journey only to find himself lacking a heroic escort. The darned creatures are so adorable that we wasted a lot of time in this zone just running over to rescue them!

I can’t think of any other examples of such a blatant but effective guilt trip from an NPC, but I’m sure there must be plenty!

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  1. Shintar says:

    I think the crash survivors in the Draenei starting zone groan or something – or maybe they just look extremely pitiful. All I remember is that I kept healing them up long after I had completed the quest for it just because I felt so sorry for them… I believe that ability has been disabled since then though; you need to actually be on the quest to help them.

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