WoW: Pet battle app?

It’s not a huge stretch of the imagination to think of Blizzard releasing a new app for the World of Warcraft pet battles system. It’s kind of a perfect match in terms of bitesize entertainment and would work well with the limited 3D capabilities of smart phones.

A google search hasn’t revealed any plans as yet officially announced but I’d be very surprised given the sophistication of the armoury app if they didn’t do something like this.

I do see a slight quandary here though. For those who are mainly playing for these mini-games – pet battling or the farming or similar – giving external access to them will allow the player to not bother logging into the game as often. Surely a dangerous precedent for a MMO developer to make, after all “players are content” so keeping people in game is important.

The real question is what is Blizzard’s plan for the game’s future. A continuation of the segregation of the game into  sub systems and mini-games? An about face and return to more open world focus?

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