Separated content and dev focus

Spinks has an interesting post on separated mini-games and content in MMOs. The post talks about Wildstar’s path system, which appears as though it will lock your character to focus more on one type of content.

I initially got hooked on MMOs and WoW in particular because of the perceived size of the world and the breadth of activities therein. A game that mandates a focus on a certain playstyle seems to me to be catering to the “rush to cap and ignore all the distractions” gaming mentality. It’s a distillation of the genre, albeit that you could play four alts to see all styles.

I also have a slight concern that the devs will not be able to maintain equal focus on all four styles over the long term. Developing for the masses as it were could see more soldier content being developed post launch than say explorer content (just an example).

Given the emphasis on the four bartle paths as a selling point for the game let’s hope there isn’t too much cause for accusations of dev favoratism int the future…

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