SWTOR: the force is not with me

I patched up SWTOR last night to login and see the new Gree content. Unfortunately, perhaps as a consequence of the F2P conversion changes, I cannot login on my main character due to a ‘versioning error’. I did have an item restored way back near launch-time, and it seems from earlier threads on the official forums about this error, that such account service actions may be a common factor.

Server says no

Server says no

The ticketing system displays an endless loading page, no chance of raising a ticket at present it seems. I can’t even post on the forums in the thread since I’m F2P at present. Well hopefully it’ll be resolved before the expansion arrives and I’m due to swap come to give the game another try.

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    I thought about logging in last week sometime, but my wife’s moved my authenticator again, and I CBA to try to find it. Should I stumble upon it at some point I may give the game another look-see, but for now. . .meh. It’s lost me. I’m enjoying Rift way to much to worry about SWTOR right now.

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