GW2: achievements and laurels

Despite all the changes brought in by the big Flame and Frost patch for Guild Wars 2, we haven’t had much time to play of late. Last night was actually only the second time we’d looked at the new dailies structure.

Before paying that any attention though we had some exploring to do! We’re edging into Orr and it seems a fascinating zone, if somewhat dangerous for tourists. I imagine any positive vibes I have about the place stem from two factors: 1) the GW1 lore references dotted about and 2) that I only duo or group play in this game so don’t have to solo here.


As usual the random jumping puzzle we found was a blast, ArenaNet know their stuff. There are some really nice examples of layered ¬†content in the game. A jumping puzzle doesn’t just give you an achievement, it also gives you access to a tough encounter for the skill point AND it gives you a mini feast of lore objects for your viewing and reading pleasure.

Today's menu

Today’s menu

The first daily we actually did was mostly the same as the old rotation. This time it was a lot more varied. Crafting was easy as making planks from the wood I’d harvested counted! We thought that dodge would be a royal pain, it will certainly take some getting used to, but with the events firing constantly in Orr we had plenty of opportunities amongst the packs of undead.

Event hunting in Orr

Event hunting in Orr

Events in Orr, at least on Piken Square, seem to be on almost constant repeat – is this due to high player density or zone design? It made getting the events count for the achievement very quick and easy, and helped as I said above with the dodge count too.



Afterwards I finally got a look at the rewards for the new laurel currency. I’m not sure what to prioritise in all honesty. I’m not planning on regular fractals runs so are the pink rings actually worth getting at 30 laurels? Maybe I should go for the shortcut to gearing up via the 5 laurel random gear option…

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