Tera: PUG-questing

There seems to be a general trend for ‘PUG-questing’ in Tera. I don’t know whether it is a result of the design of how quests flow, the presence of the hard-to-solo BAM elite monsters, or something else entirely. It’s an interesting concept that I’ve not really seen much at all in other games (I’ll admit I never really played EQ1, FFXI or similar era games).

Tenebrous Mines

Tenebrous Mines

I had several quests for the Tenebrous Mines region as I started my session last night, so off I trotted into the winding path down into this deep cave system. The view looking down was pretty breath-taking.

Almost as soon as I started into the first tunnel a random slayer invited me to group. My first instinct as a WoW/LotRO/Rift etc player of many years was to decline, but I’m trying to approach this game from a new angle so I accepted with only a moment’s delay. We said our hellos and started on the quest and were soon joined by an archer and a warrior. Our group complete we then proceeded for over an hour to wind our way deeper through the tunnels while slaying hordes of undead, cultists and monstrous arachnens.

Deeper underground

Deeper underground

The session was great fun for just questing, it was like playing a dungeon even though it wasn’t in an instance. I’m very pleasantly surprised at how open to grouping a lot of players seem to be. So far everyone I’ve grouped with has been patient with this ‘newbie healer’, there have been a few wipes yet none of the ragequits, attempts at kicking or general verbal nastiness you often seem to get in WoW’s LFD.

A summary of some impressions from the last few gameplay sessions:

  1. Combat is great fun in a group, it’s the whole “player as content” concept but with the action combat really adding a layer of complexity and interest. The downside to this is that solo’ing can seem boring in comparison.
  2. The questing is very focused on killing, but makes sense given the combat system point above.
  3. Guild Wars 2’s version of public questing isn’t the only way to get people playing together, Tera does this equally well though through different mechanics.
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4 Responses to Tera: PUG-questing

  1. Hunaiam says:

    Since I quit WoW over a year and a half ago, I have noticed that there are alot of helpful people in the other MMO’s I have played. SWToR main, LotRO some, and Star Trek Online some. I think maybe because the communities are smaller you have less asshats.

  2. kaozz says:

    Yes, I agree with the smaller communities comment Huniam made. Lots of the other games I play, besides WoW, with smaller communities, have some really great communities and feel very welcoming. Years ago WoW felt so different but I think the whole cross server thing just bunged up the whole community with asshats running wild, anyhow…

    Tera is very, very pretty. I almost, almost purchased it when it released except all that action play is hard on me with carpel tunnel in both wrists, just way too much moving around hitting keys than I was used to. Most of the time I am fine, but little jerky movements can cause them it act up, so that was pretty much a no go for me. Plus, I’m not really big into twitch gaming, that’s just me, I guess I am getting old! But it really is a cool game especially if you like the action oriented game play, lots of lovely scenery, I really enjoyed what I played of Tera.

    • Telwyn says:

      I’ve jumped straight into a friendly guild in Tera, but also the pugging that I’ve done has been good so far. I may well have been lucky but I am on the RP-PVE server as well. The general channel is pretty toxic but then that’s to be expected in most games.

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