Altoholic add-on: all MMOs should have this feature

All MMOs should have either a built in system, or an add-on if such exist, like Altoholic from World of Warcraft.


This incredibly useful little addition to the game gives you instant access from any character to information about all the other characters you have in game. So their class and level, the money they have at present etc. But it goes much further than that:


The real power of this add-on is the ability to see all of your other characters’ current equipment in detail. So if you’re a crafter like I am, you can see at a glance whether the items you can make are good upgrades for other characters – without endless logging back and forth between alts!

The system goes even further; it allows you to look at the crafting professions of all of your characters to see the list of recipes known so you can see who can make what and what materials they might need to do so.

It’s a wonderful addition to the game, and I miss it in every other MMO that I play…

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5 Responses to Altoholic add-on: all MMOs should have this feature

  1. VagabondEx says:

    And the ability to see on the login screen whether a character has a new mail..

  2. Amen to that! MMORPGs could still learn a lot more from modding communities.

  3. Shintar says:

    I’m generally happy that SWTOR doesn’t have any addons, but if I could have just one… it wouldn’t be Healbot, it would be this.

  4. Meznir says:

    The most powerful thing from Altaholic for me is the search option and the hover-over telling you which of your characters has that item, how many and (if appropriate) if they’ve learnt that item.

    It’s wonderful when levelling crafting: “Oh I need some dreamfoil – Yimmy has 34, Meznir 5 and Uroon 1”. “Who has my plate heirloom shoulders? Ah, Yimmy’s wearing them”

    It would be a nightmare to find things across so many characters without this amazing addon.

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