GW2: New achievement UI in game

So the latest update to Guild Wars 2 has shaken up the achievement system. There’s now a  more obvious UI tracker for progress. There’s also going to be some randomised variety to what tasks are needed to achieve the daily.

Daily tracker top right

Daily tracker top right

Also there appears to be a separation now between PVE and PVP goals, this is excellent news as to date I have never completed a monthly achievement since PVP was a mandatory part of that and I don’t enjoy PVP.

PVP achievements listed separately now on left

PVP achievements listed separately now on left

The launcher links to an article on the official website about the new story arc Flame and Frost. There are golden star symbols on the maps now marking NPCs related to a sudden refuge crisis in the Norn and Charr lands. Strangely I couldn’t get anything useful out of any of these. There are also signs to repair and camp fires to light, standard ‘heart’ style activities yet there was no meter for progress?

I did read a mail item about the story but that was rather vague also. The website hints that something will unlock in February (no date specified) so I guess it’s wait and see for now…

Update: since queueing this last night, ArenaNet have a blog post about this new ‘living story‘. That at least gives some clue as to what we should expect. It might have been good to have that published before the content went live?

I do like the sound of stories being unveiled gradually in game though, looking forward to playing some of this!

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  1. True says:

    Damn, I hadn’t noticed that the monthly achievements are separated now (probably because I don’t do much PvP). I love the UI tracker, although when I was playing the other day I had 15 dodges as my goal and that was damn hard to achieve. I play a warrior which smashes things in 3 hits and a ranger, so not the easiest with my playing style.

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