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LOTRO: Skirmishes for epic quests

I’ve had very little to do with the skirmish system since it’s advent in LOTRO. On paper it is a system of scaleable dungeons which allow players to jump into an instance from anywhere but also to set the group … Continue reading

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Tera: Eldritch Academy

I’m continuing to level my priest in Tera, and thoroughly enjoying the process. New skill gain has slowed down now my character is level 36, but I have a fair selection of abilities. Also I think the combat difficulty has … Continue reading

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SWTOR: Race unlocks and the Cathar

A recent interview with a SWTOR dev over at SWTOR-RP¬†has me thinking about Free-to-Play monetisation and how developers prioritise content for release under that model. Other games have charged F2P players to unlock races or classes, it’s nothing that new … Continue reading

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LOTRO: Chicken run

Thanks to a the official forums, I found out about the Grand Shire Chicken Run 2013 happening on the Laurelin EU-RP server ahead of last evening. This is an aspect of LOTRO I’ve never explored, I have played through the … Continue reading

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Series: Choosing MMOs – varied PVE activities

This is the next post in a series on choosing between all the many MMOs available to players at present. In this post I’m looking at the variety of PVE (player versus environment) activities available to suit different tastes, different … Continue reading

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WoW: random crafting recipe discovery

Over the years World of Warcraft has had a creeping adoption of a mechanic whereby you discover new recipes for a given crafting profession via a daily recipe. One of the first was ¬†Alchemy in the Wrath era, which had … Continue reading

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PS/4 – Diablo 3 and console MMO gaming

Blizzard have announced Diablo 3 is coming to Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 (the new console will launch late this year). On paper this is of little to no interest to me, we didn’t even complete Diablo 3 on normal … Continue reading

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