A stricter MMO rotation

I’m looking to try a stricter and more focused gaming rotation for the next few months. I want to make more progress in fewer games so I can tick off some of my in-game goals. There are so many MMOs I could be playing, I’ll feel less tempted to distractions if I have it planned out.

As always I will have games I play with my partner and friends / family, so at the moment that’s WoW and GW2 (my “friends & family” games).

World of Warcraft

I’ve hit the level 90 cap in WoW – so I have the ongoing story chain introduced in 5.1 to play through and the chance to run through the scenarios and dungeons to experience the story elements they contain. I also have the farm to fully unlock and various cooking reputations to complete but it’s all rather transparently grindy and not that exciting – the farm isn’t the equal of a good housing system since it doesn’t feel like a home for my character and more importantly doesn’t link well with my character’s adventuring memories or achievements (such as the ability to have trophies from dungeons in your EQ2 or LoTRO house).

Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2 my mesmer main is now 79, very close to that final ding! I’ve yet to see the new achievement system but I doubt that will motivate me to play more although others have given it the “thumb’s up” of approval so far. The game is great fun to play with friends in a relaxed way, but to date it hasn’t grabbed me as much as other games. I think the lack of trinity is becoming an issue for me, specifically the lack of healer role. I bought it and can play it casually for years potentially but it’s not likely to become my main game any time soon.

Other games

I’ll also look to have a stricter focus on one other game, three MMOs is more than enough! I’ve been playing four or five in a variable rotation for a while and it’s too much to juggle. So my ‘other’ game, the one I play while my partner is raiding, will be on a longer focused rotation for a while. This will allow me the chance to explore more of each game in turn, and to try out joining guilds and group activities without feeling guilty over not playing enough hours to be engaged.

The exact order of these games will need tweaking but my thoughts thus far are:

1) Tera

For whatever reason this game appeals to me at the moment. I am loving the action combat, and after having my first taste of healing in dungeons I’m left wanting more. I might burn out from the adrenaline rush of it but hopefully experience and practice will temper that. The game has issues of course, but I’d like to take a single character to 60 and see some dungeons along the way. (est. Feb-Apr)


I will probably buy the expansion when it comes out, or at least after I’ve read reviews and forum discussions on its reception by the playerbase. I would like to level through some more content on my Jedi Sage. However I can’t see myself getting into heroics / raiding though, so I’m not sure I’ll play beyond the new level cap – time will tell I guess.  (est. May-June)

3) Rift

I’ve definitely hit a rut with Rift leveling. It’s probably my own fault for being distracted too much by other games after the expansion launched. But I’d rather give the game a rest and come back fresh than force my way through the remaining 5 levels and really burn-out on it. I’ll also get to come back later in the year and see how dimensions has evolved and what the balance of activities is for non-raiders. They have my money for the 12 months game-time deal so there’s no hurry here. (est. July-Aug)

I’d estimate a few months for each game, Tera will need a bit longer as I have 30 levels to go till cap. This isn’t set in stone, I game for enjoyment not for work; but I will hopefully have more on each specific game to analyse for the blog if I spend more time on each. I’m planning a series of posts on examining my criteria for evaluating and choosing between MMOs and this new more focused approach will make that process a lot easier to craft.

Beyond these three and the summer I may come back to LoTRO or try something else. I’ll have to see what’s happened regarding my friends & family games (WoW and GW2) by then as well.

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  1. I look forward to your evaluations! All of these are MMOs I’ve played in the past or considered playing, but I’m totally on the fence at the moment.

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