Selective altaholism

In my first MMO I created many characters before settling on my Balance druid as my main. But I had certain characters to play in duo’s or small groups set aside so I was actively playing two or three at any given time.

In LoTRO I likewise have a stable of characters, although only one has developed past the first few zones. Crafting here was the main drive as it was nice to make weapons, armour, consumables and buff food using my own characters. The interlacing system of harvesting and crafting professions works very well in that game.

In Everquest 2 I have a set of characters, although less extensive. I have my inquisitor main, a warden/tailor and a few others created purely for certain crafting professions.

In other games I’ve largely stuck to one character. In Rift I have played my cleric almost exclusively, except for some group play on a warrior in the first couple of months after launch. I’ve never managed to build up the enthusiasm to level another character since, although I’ve tried making a mage twice and a rogue once as well.

In GW2 I have tried a few other characters, but only my mesmer has leveled past the teens. Again I don’t have the motivation to play lots of characters at once here, when I’ve capped my mesmer finally we’ll probably start on a new pair to level though no doubt at an even slower pace.

Is this change related to having burned myself out on alts in WoW and LoTRO? Is it more that I create a lot of alts in games where I craft more? Probably a bit of both actually. Crafting complexity is probably a negative here personally; the grindier the crafting process and the amount of stages involved will inversely influence my desire to create alts.

In WoW or LoTRO with their simple crafting mechanisms its not particularly daunting to level new professions. in EQ2 the process is more active but its no more complex than in WoW, other than the crazy plethora of recipes available so again I have multiple characters to explore different crafting professions.

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  1. I really enjoyed EQ2’s crafting system when I played it. But I did also find it mighty confusing beyond the most basic stuff and ended up losing motivation to learn it! I think the ideal system for me would be a compromise between EQ2 and WoW (which is often too simplistic).

  2. pkudude99 says:

    My 1st MMO was SWG where you only got 1 character per server, up to a max of 8. Since it was skill-based, not class-based and you could drop skills and work others at any time and thus be “anything you want” on a single character there really wasn’t much point in having alts on other servers, except if you wanted a “secret” character or something (or the ever popular “ghost lots” trick for the heavy duty crafters). My ex-wife also played, but after she moved out, I inherited her account since I kept the computer. I made a crafting alt on it, but frankly only ever played it to craft and didn’t even really do that very much after hitting Master Armorsmith.

    But then I started playing EQ2. Initially we only had 4 slots, but after SWG that still seemed like a ton. And of course there were 24 classes and 16 races so there were so many combos to try out, I made and deleted a ton as I ran into that 4-slot limit. Then it got bumped up to 6, then 7, then the All Access Pass gave you 5 more, and yes… I had all 12 filled. Then they started selling character slots in their cash shop and I bought a couple more, so yeah… I’ve got 14 characters in EQ2. Only capped out 3 at 90 when it was the cap, but all the rest were 50+, so they all got some decent use.

    In EVE, the real-time skill training discourages having alts on a single account, but I still made a trading alt and a PI alt since the training for them didn’t actually take very long.

    On to Rift…. I fell in love with the Cleric and I thought the Defiants were way cooler than Guardians, so I got a Defiant Cleric to 50 and just as I did some friends started playing… Guardians on a different server. So I “started over” to play with them. Got another cleric to 50, then got a warrior to 50, got a mage and a rogue up to the high 30’s/low 40’s but never finished them off to 50. Even the warrior I stopped playing once it hit 50, since I didn’t want to tank experts. As a result, I actually did mostly focus on my cleric and got relatively decent gear for all that I never raided.

    But then I moved on to SWTOR. 8 characters there, 1 for each “story line” and I went cross-class across factions, so my Bounty Hunter was a Mercenary, while my Trooper was a Vanguard, SI Assassin vs JC Sage, etc. Got a couple to 50, but never really focused on any one character.

    TSW allows you to do it all on 1 character, so while I have my 3 character slots filled, I’ve only ever played the main one.

    And now I’m back in Rift. My cleric’s 60, my warrior’s 58, my mage and my rogue are both 54, and the original Defiant cleric is 51, even. So again… no real focus on a specific character, but lots of fun playing up through the levels.

    As the cliche goes: I don’t suffer from alt-itis, I enjoy every minute of it!

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