Some great quest text in-jokes

I’ve encountered some really good examples of quest text humour this last week. A lot of MMO humour consists of ‘in-jokes’, referring to popular culture or other games. Here’s a quick trio of examples that I happened upon within a short space of one another.

Rift started this off with a deliciously tongue-in-cheek quest text while questing in Dolcega Valley (north east Pelladane) where I had to speak to some brain-washed villagers.


Everquest 2 has the second example, this is from a short quest chain in the Sarnak starter area (Timorous Deep). It seems WoW wasn’t the first MMO to feature Pokémon references!

This joke comes free with a bonus vanity pet!

This joke comes free with a bonus vanity pet!

The featured dialogue is only one of the series, best to see it in context as it’s much funnier in game.

The final example is from Mists of Pandaria’s Kunlai Steps. The whole middle section, featuring several hubs’ worth of quests focusing on the Grummles are full of humour and charm. But this quest in particular from the Alliance base in the area made me laugh out loud.

You can never have enough Gauntlet jokes

You can never have too many Gauntlet jokes

I’m sure there are plenty of other gems hidden in the thousands of screenshots spread across the games I’ve played. But these are three examples from just one week of gaming. Quest text can be over-used and labourious, it can be boring and uninspired; but occasionally there are some great examples of just how clever or amusing quest text can be.

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  1. Good post. Humour has been one of the most effective tools that I’ve seen for making quest text more interesting. Valley of the Four Winds in MoP was the most interesting area partly because of that – I’ll never forget the quest where the psychotic idiot bunnies plant wheelbarrows because they think that’s how farming works. We need more of this! MMOs shouldn’t take themselves too seriously.

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