Rift leveling update

I’d originally assumed that the two continents in Storm Legion were designed to give some variety to leveling multiple characters. However in order to plug a serious level gap between story quests and my actual level, I’ve had to give in and start on the other continent. My level at the start of the session was 54.5, the lowest story quest I had was 57.

The storyline for Pelladane is actually better than I expected, it’s pretty engaging – though as a tech-loving defiant I feel slightly unwelcome by all the religious trappings in the main base (RP motives aside, it’s nice to be reminded of the core faction lore in this new area). I’ve done a few instant adventures in Pelladane so some of the carnage (kill X creatures) quests were already done. But there were still enough story quests and incidental quests to ding me 55. So I’ll be carrying on through Pelladane and the zone after at the least before I return to Brevane.

Now that I’ve accepted that I won’t get a whole continent untouched I can hopefully just level a lot faster as I won’t need to find every single carnage quest.

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    On my Cleric I started in Cape Jule, then did Kingdom of Pelladane, then the City Core, then Seratos, back across to the Eastern Holdings, then Ardent Domain, and finally headed into Morban at 58. I got 60 in Morban while I was “cleaning up” the last 11 carnages and 11 side quests that I needed in order to get the questing achievement. I still haven’t touched the Steppes of Infinity, Kingsward, or Ashora on that character. This was only doing questing — no dungeons, no hunt rift groups, occasional zone events if they happened to pop up in the zone I was in, and I think I did an hour of IA’s at one point, but that might have been on my mage — I can’t really recall. I just know it was in Cape Jule, so it was early days.

    Currently I have my warrior to 56. I did Cape Jule, Pelledane, City Core, Eastern Holdings, and now am in Ardent Domain fighting level 57 mobs most of the time. I’m hoping to hit 57 before I “finish” the zone so that I can just hit up Kingsward and the level 58-59 mobs in there while they’ll be “only” yellow, but I’m well past the halfway mark of the zone and nowhere close to 57 yet. I really didn’t like Seratos and am looking forward to being able to skip it, at least. Morban wasn’t my favorite either, but it wasn’t as bad as Seratos, at least, so I can head there to get to 57 if I need to I suppose.

    OTOH, my mage and rogue are both triple-crafters and I’ve been doing the dailiy crafting missions about 2-4 days a week. They’ve both leveled from 52 to 54 just from those, so they’re a bit ahead of the curve now. the mage is at 54.26 and the rogue hit 54.52 yesterday, and they get about 15% of a level each day I run the quests for them, so… who knows? Maybe they’ll both be 55 before I start playing them again.

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