Is Rift too big in landmass now?

Quote from the Rift forums:

And the new land masses just fragment things even further. Sadly the bigger the game the more spread out the players. SWToR failed cus of the size of the game and the spread out nature of the players. Same has happened here and any new player would be left with a feeling of an empty game… and with the time it takes to do it alone I guess they will be back to what they were playing or try something new very soon.

I do wonder if this will prove to be a problem for Trion. There is so much land mass now that the playerbase, or at least the percentage of the playerbase still interested in anything other than chain dungeon/heroic/raid grinding, is going to be split between more zones. It’s very hard to even guess at how much of my server’s population is active in the open world content. The Hunt Rifts don’t seem that popular anymore as I rarely see tells for them – I did manage to participate in one briefly in the Pelladane zone last night.

Public group takes on Hunt Rift

Public group takes on Hunt Rift

There are also a less zone events going on now – you can see these easily on the map as the zone gets marked with a red-bordered symbol when one is ongoing. Whenever I’m playing I try and keep an eye out for such events as I like to break up questing with some group activities. Of course I need to get leveled up to the cap so I can participate in any events across all zones – since I’m still only 54 that limits my effective participation to four zones at present.

I was among the critics of Rift at launch, saying that the world felt too small once you started travelling around on your fast mounts. But for a game with a (supposed) focus on open world content, is it actually better to have a small game world?

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  1. kaozz says:

    I generally prefer a larger world, thus why I love Vanguard and EverQuest so much. But in a game like Rift I do agree sometimes it really starts to feel like the events are a bit neglected because everyone is spread out. Many times I run past one because nobody else is around and I can’t be bothered to wait around to see IF anyone will join in. There are also too many zones that have way too much going on, like Stonefield. Last time I was there I counted like ten rifts around me and in the distance.

  2. So RIFT got big eh? Like you say the world felt very small at first. But it almost sounds like they overcompensated in the other direction. I’ve noticed similar issues in GW2, at least when it comes to infrequency of random events. Some zones seem to barely have any!

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