SGRs and gamer selfishness

Tobold has a post on the Same Gender Romance option coming to SWTOR and how that has been reported on an infamous TV channel in the US (I refuse to name it on this blog, it’s technically worse than the UK’s Daily Mail and that’s saying something!).

He raises the very valid point that, given the personal story focus of the game, players who might object to this will not be forced in any way to witness such interactions – NPC dialogues are not acted out in the open world for all to see. NPC dialogues are akin to WoW’s phased content, only the player or his party see what’s going on. To complain about it (and there were initially a lot of complaints on the forums) is pure selfishness.

I’ve always valued Bioware’s inclusivity in the storytelling of their games, even if I personally have no interest in any kind of NPC  romances in-game. But I’d never even think it a waste of time, I know a lot of other players like this aspect to in-game story development. So long as it survives this brief furore I will probably buy the expansion out of solidarity for one of the very few developers who actually care enough to support minority groups.

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