Back after a break and gaming priorities

After a long weekend away, I’m back home and back to gaming. Coming back to games seems to be a bit of a theme at the moment in the blogosphere (Massively on EQ2, Bhagpuss on TSW are the two I’ve read so far but there are more waiting in my reader).

With free time hopefully on the increase again for a month or two I’ll be looking at reviewing what I’ll be playing for sure. A few priorities I have for the near future though are:

  1. Level my cleric to 60 in Rift (currently level 54)
  2. Level my shaman to 90 in WoW and complete the main story quests
  3. Level my mesmer in GW2 to level 80, plus try out some of the dungeons

Other than those, I’ll be looking at returning to a few games myself for another look.

  • I’m tempted to finally try and level a character to cap in LoTRO, or at least to get out of Moria and see whether the newer content is as good story-telling-wise as the earlier zones
  • More EQ2 is tempting just because there’s so much to do
  • Finally something a bit different might be a temporary distraction, such as some Tera to give action-combat healing a try
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    Hello There,
    I was Just hoping that you could take a few minutes out of your day and check my blog out and leave some constructive criticism on things that i am doing right and things that i am doing wrong it will be much appreciated

    Thank You For Giving Me A Chance

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