Rift: a frustrating session

Dynamic events can be great fun, I enjoy them as an alternative to questing and can happily spend the odd session just riding around (or running around in Guild Wars 2) with a group of random strangers to clear such events. Such events are technically endless, in both Rift and Guild Wars 2 they’re on a repeating schedule or semi-randomised timer. There’s usually something happening somewhere in the game world if the mood strikes you to join in.

There was a justifiable amount of criticism of bugged dynamic events in Guild Wars 2 when it launched, we came across a number ourselves. This takes away the lure of  the big finale from such events, the big fight or task that you build up to. Now you might play dynamic events just for the camaraderie or because it’s something newish to do. But the big fight at the end and the rewards it do give a natural ending to the activity.

Last night I had a brief Rift session, I saw an event was up in Cape Jule not so far from my current questing zone so I ported across. It’s always a bit of a risk doing that, since an event underway could well finish before you can reach it. Sadly last night this event bugged at the end. We defended a base, fought off wave after wave of invading servants of Crucia and then no big bad boss spawned, despite the fact that the Herald of Crucia had announced the arrival of said big bad as the solution to our interference. After waiting for 10 minutes and several raid members bug-reporting the problem I gave up. I didn’t have the time to wait. That’s unusual for Rift, I’ve rarely seen bugs in the game but the expansion seems to have a number.

I then soul-recalled back to my current zone and rode to face again mini-boss for the last quest I had for the zone. As I stood before it buffing and finding scrolls and the various planar buff items common in the game, I contemplated whether dinging to level 54 would be enough to tip the balance on this encounter. I had died three times on my last attempt on this and not brought the creature low enough to realistically stand a chance of success. Suddenly a mage bunny-hoped past me in the corridor and started the fight! <sigh> So I joined in and got my quest completed very easily, the mage was a level higher than me/the quest so it rather trivialised the encounter.

I suppose I could have waited for my turn to do the quest boss solo. It would have been nice to have compared my progress to that last attempt. But I’m now so used to ‘jumping in’ to help in fights in Guild Wars 2 and Rift that it’s second nature to ‘tag the mob’ before it dies.

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  1. Vagabond says:

    Last time I played Rift – about half I year ago or so, before the expansion – I ran into several bugged events in Silverwood. Most of the had the same root cause: Enemies appeared inside trees, and there was no way to kill them – but that was the goal of the current phase.
    Just to say that it’s not just because of the expansion..

    • Telwyn says:

      Thanks for the info, I only played defiant so missed that one. I can’t say I remember any bugs as I leveled after launch but I guess it stands to reason there were some. I read about bugs in the raids released after launch but since i never did them I can’t really comment on those.

      • VagabondEx says:

        Defiance is much better, but as someone pointed out once, all of their areas are arid, while guardians have a lot of luch ones. So, for resting the eye with some green, I did play Guardian at that time.

  2. pkudude99 says:

    I’ve been in an IA group where we had to close a specific rift, but the final boss for stage 5 wouldn’t spawn. I’ve heard of other bugs, but that’s the only one that I’ve seen personally.

    Mini-bosses respawn rather quickly, I thought. Could you have hung around tried it solo then? Head back to where it is tonight and try it solo anyway? Try a different build than your usual one?

    • Telwyn says:

      I went back, too used to WoW and SWTOR where such things are locked to quests being active. Killed it quite easily actually – the level made all the difference!

  3. pkudude99 says:

    Sounds like an experimental build I’m doing on my mage. A guy suggested it to me but warned me “It won’t work until level 53.” I was level 52 at the time and thought to myself “What difference can 1 level really make?” So I made the build and tried it at 52 and it . . . wasn’t atrocious, but it wasn’t very good either. I tried it again at 53 with that 1 more soul point and. . . .yup. It was now awesome. I’m still kinda flabbergasted that 1 level and 1 sould point made that much difference, but there you have it.

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