GW2: the joy of ‘giving it a go’

After a weekend of writing to meet looming essay deadlines, I found precious little time for gaming. I did manage to squeeze in a short GW2 session – the waypoint system means this game supports short and sharp sessions as easily as long wandering adventures.

We mainly did one personal story mission, which was a lot of fun, and it featured Asura prominently so we were bound to like it.

Isn't a golem suit *always* the solution to a problem?

Isn’t a golem suit *always* the solution to any problem?

Afterwards we ran to open up the map to a nearby base and found it had a vista above it, this being clearly visible on a rock promontory overhanging the settlement. A long climb later, with lots of dead-ends, we beheld the scene from on high standing on a giant tree root. The only path down to the vista seemed to be by sliding down the root…


The section we are stood on you can walk (carefully) along, but it then becomes much steeper, prompting a guided slide down to the ledge far below. I have to say that this particular adventure really left us thrilled, both because the climb up took a bit of effort to get up high and because the slide was a real ‘give it a go’ moment (or a leap of faith if you prefer).

The low death penalty in GW2 is important here, if death gave a heavy XP penalty or cost a lot in repairs then players would be dissuaded from trying to reach high up places.

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