Tera F2P?

Hmmm, I just read via a Massively news piece, and then the Tera EU Forums that rumours are abound over an incoming F2P conversion.

“En Masse, the North American publisher for TERA, has apparently hired an ex-Nexon employee who specializes in the Free-to-Play model. The countdown begins…”
This. The countdown begins, in both regions (eu and na)

I’ll have a vague interest in looking back in on this as the action combat was pretty interesting, but more importantly the “action healing” was probably the most fun I’ve had as a healer in a long time. Of course the level 20 trial I did over a couple of weeks wasn’t enough to really see the game, but it gave a flavour. Of course the game isn’t good enough that I felt the need to sub-up immediately. Strangely the character/monster graphics and animations were very good, while the backgrounds were bland and lacked detail. Sort of like LoTRO’s mirror-universe twin…

Also the linked post refers to the badly neglected EU version run by Gameforge (*shudder*). I’d rather wait to see what happens with the North America version and maybe hop on there instead. A principal reason why I never persevered with playing Aion was that I’d made the mistake of downloading the EU client and would have to start all over again to play on the much more up-to-date NA version. Patches for Aion EU are woefully behind schedule and the F2P model is more restrictive – a typical example of why game’s should not be split by region/publisher!

Update: I forgot to link that Tera in Korea and Japan has already gone free-to-play so this does seem inevitable.

Update 2: This post was before I realised my graphics were automatically set on the lowest setting when I installed. The backgrounds are actually beautiful in the game, I just couldn’t see them. 

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