Rift: back to leveling and lifespring-farming

I jumped back into Rift for the first time since leaving home for the Christmas holidays (two weeks!), so I had that “how do I play” momentary sense of confusion. Thankfully my rotation is already in muscle memory so once I started fighting it was easy to get back into.

One reason for the long gap was that I’d failed to kill the mini-boss quest mob in Eastern Holdings several times despite pulling my very best efforts (including drinking potion and blowing all possible cooldowns). I was underlevel for the quest by 1 level so I resigned myself to leveling up to 54 and trying again after. But the leveling has been dragging since I’m playing infrequently and have run out of non-carnage quests in my current zone again.

This time around I noticed I was much closer to leveling than I thought, I suspect the Fae Yule quests may give better than average XP as I was much closer to leveling than I remembered being. So I rode off to do some carnage quests to finish off the last bar or two to level up. That’s when I discovered the joys of ‘Lifespring-farming’. Lifesprings are part of the Onslaught Event mechanism (introduced in the Ember Isle zone zone).


Basically when no Onslaught event is on-going the mechanical parts, like the lifesprings, sit dormant in the area. This meant I could activate one for the cost of one planar charge and then pull monsters back to within range of it to receive a steady stream of heals while I fought the monsters in full-on dps mode.


This helped to speed up the carnage questing process as I had next to no downtime between fights. Soon enough the red-lightning flashed as I dinged 54.


This might be a new strategy for dealing with the tough mini-boss, I ran out of time to investigate last night, but can I kite it to a nearby lifespring to give me the edge?

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3 Responses to Rift: back to leveling and lifespring-farming

  1. Meznir says:

    Grats! 😉

  2. pkudude99 says:

    Gratz on 54! I recently got to 60 on my cleric and am now working on my warrior. I’ve got it to 54 now and am just starting the Eastern Holdings (but I also went and did Pelladane with it, so as to not be “low” for Eastern Holdings).

    I’m looking at your skills on your bar and … you’re spec’d as pure inquisitor? Or is that just how you’re doing the lifespring farming? I recall in your “updated build” post you were doing Inquisicar, which I know in the past was really awesome for leveling, but if it’s not letting you take on a mini-boss then it sounds like Trion’s changes in the 1.11 update gutted that class’s capabilities 😦

    On my cleric that just hit 60 I’m running a druidicar build. I also installed the “Simple Meter” add on so I can see how much damage I’m doing and taking. I found that even mini-bosses only tend to do about 200-ish dps, so as long as you can get that back in self-heals somehow you should be fine. The druidicar is actually easily capable of over 1000 hps (in AE situations, anyway, but even ST it’s capable of well over 400) because not only do you have your Salvation heal but your pet is also doing a heal with the Aid of the Forest buff to boot. Finishing fights below 100% health as a druidicar is a rarity, really.

    If you’re wanting to keep the inquisitor playstyle, you may want to look at just using Justicar as a 0-point soul for the Salvation self-heals and putting 16 points in Defiler as your secondary soul. With 16 points you get the “Beacon of Despair” tank pet. It’s got good mitigation on its own plus if its health starts to drop too low you’ve got some nice heals you can use to top it up. Or just summon a new one, though getting aggro on to the new one isn’t always easy if it does drop, so I prefer to simply keep it healed up. That would then keep this mini-boss occupied while you blast away at it, tossing the occasional heal on the beacon,

    Of course, you can ignore me too. These are simply suggestions that might make it a little easier, but it’s your game and your spec, after all. That’s the beauty of Rift — making your own way.

    • Telwyn says:

      Grats on 60! I’ll have to repost a build update when I have time, it’s an Inquisicar style build a modification of one of the standard callings. I believe Inquisicar was nerfed somewhat at some point.

      I wonder whether it’s just a badly tuned encounter as I have self-healing as I smack things but the mini-boss summons adds (you can’t interrupt this) and the adds + the mini-boss is just too much damage to deal with solo. Perhaps I have some bad gear or something. Anyway now I’m the right level for the quest it could well be much easier.

      I’ll give it another go when I have free time again. Oh and suggestions are always welcome 🙂

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