GW2: Starting the year with a gaming bang

My first gaming session of the New Year was in Guild Wars 2. We were looking mainly to roam around and get Christmas presents from the giant boxes scattered across zones.


Shortly after we started we came across a veritable horde of players all from the same guild. They were walking across the zone towards the spawn area for Tequatl the Sunless, given their ordered formation you might say they were marching. The guild were clearly on some scripted RP session. It was good to watch as we passed on by, well until their passage coincided with an event that promptly scaled up to insane difficulty due to the number of characters within such a small space. At first the majority of the 30+ players present seemed more intent on roleplaying than fighting off the risen hordes; so for a while we were cursing RPers and the weaknesses of the dynamic event scaling. However they did jump into the fray in increasing numbers so the event was won and we could move on through safely.


I’d already checked the dragon timers website and we knew Tequatl was due so we headed in that direction just in time to see him jump onto a rock overlooking the bay. The dragon fight was as tense and exciting as the last couple of times we’ve done him. Plenty of danger to watchout for, adds to kill and of course a big ol’ dragon to smack-down! After slaying him and getting our loot the shout went out that the Shatterer was due momentarily (the dragon stars were in alignment last night!). So we shrugged and waypointed across to see him as well.


I suspect those in the know on Piken Square were leading efforts here as we fought him from side-on, that’s a new one for me. It means ignoring the siege weaponry, but also makes the fight easier as his breath-weapon does nothing to you. Given the very large number of players involved (most from Tequatl fight, plus new-comers) it didn’t last long.


The last job was to trade in the three types of festival currency for more gift boxes for a chance at a rare drop. Of course nothing that exciting dropped, though I do have some more of the snow-flakes for crafting – I just need to get my artificing up to 400 so I can make something useful!

It was a good session, in part as yet again I saw active roleplayers on the server – in a different location from those I’d seen before. It’s nice to think the server is busy enough and welcoming enough to foster this kind of activity. Next Wintersday will have to be focused on the quest for Foostivoo, I didn’t stand any realistic chance of crafting him this time around, but next year I’ll want to work out a way of getting him if possible (probably via the Mystic Forge).

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