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A stricter MMO rotation

I’m looking to try a stricter and more focused gaming rotation for the next few months. I want to make more progress in fewer games so I can tick off some of my in-game goals. There are so many MMOs … Continue reading

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Check your graphics settings are configured!

I should know better, I was until just over a year ago an IT Manager. I spent many years fixing people’s computers, building my own and generally fighting with the sloppy handiwork of Microsoft and other developers. But when it … Continue reading

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Selective altaholism

In my first MMO I created many characters before settling on my Balance druid as my main. But I had certain characters to play in duo’s or small groups set aside so I was actively playing two or three at … Continue reading

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EQ2: clash of old-school and new player

Playing EQ2 as a newcomer can be a tough learning curve. From what I’ve read on forums and blogs the game has changed over the years, and gear has been regraded wholesale so I’m sure difficulty today is not as … Continue reading

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Are Public Quests always abandoned over the long-term?

I wonder whether Public Quests, of the various kinds thusfar implemented in MMOs, are always destined to be under-utilised by developers and abandoned by the games’ population? I read recently this thread on the EQ2 forums. It’s mostly aimed at … Continue reading

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Some great quest text in-jokes

I’ve encountered some really good examples of quest text humour this last week. A lot of MMO humour consists of ‘in-jokes’, referring to popular culture or other games. Here’s a quick trio of examples that I happened upon within a … Continue reading

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EQNext this year and players as content

Reports of a Gamasutra interview with SOE boss John Smedley have stirred up some speculation that EQNext could be released this year. “Players will get their hands on an actual release version of what we’re doing late [this] year – … Continue reading

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