Thoughts for 2013

I’m posting my general thoughts for gaming in 2013 today since I’ll be away again for a few days with friends to celebrate New Year’s Day.

I hope that I will find time again at some point in the year to get into a game beyond just soloing or the odd duo session, it’s the same itch that Keen talks about in his 2013 post. I know that some MMOs have good communities and so when/if I feel the time is right I want to dive in and experience more regular group content and more roleplay sessions. I’ve been held back of late by not wanting to commit, only to have to repeatedly semi-abandon the game for study or work reasons.

I don’t see any games due for release in 2013 that I’m particularly interested in starting. Wildstar doesn’t really excite me on any level, it’s a ‘wait-till-after-launch’ game for me. If Pathfinder Online does launch next year I’ll also wait to see just how intrusive/abused the open PVP is before deciding if I’ll play it.

Expansion-wise only SWTOR has something on my radar, though again I’ll wait to see the reviews on the blogosphere before I get that one. It might be enough to get me back in the ‘galaxy far, far away’ for a month or two. The game I’m really waiting on hearing more about is Everquest Next – I love what little I’ve seen of EQ2 and a more open world, sandbox version of that game could be a real treat if done well.

So here’s to a new, perhaps slightly less overloaded, year of gaming. One that promises less and delivers more? Happy 2013 everyone!

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