Christmas gaming

Christmas with my family has always involved lots of gaming, though the nature of that gaming has changed with time. When I was a child it was generally board games (traditional ones such as Cluedo or Careers) or games of cards. Over the years we’ve passed through periods of playing interactive DVD games, consoles games, handheld consoles (8 player Mario Kart is still a favourite!) and on to the online gaming era.

This year was a real mix of old(ish) and new. We played a good amount of Magic the Gathering (so many of the newer cards are *broken* with a capital B to old-school players like my partner and I), some WII dancing games with the youngest and oldest members of the family and of course some MMO gaming as well. I introduced several of my family to WoW years ago, and they kept on happily playing while I’ve meandered through half a dozen other MMOs. So this Christmas, as I’d just started playing again, it was a chance to play the game with family again. Sure it’s an online game so I don’t have to wait to Christmas to play with them, right? Well that’s the thing, even with online games, I find them infinitely more enjoyable to play when my party/team mates are in the same room as me!

So it was a very good Christmas, we ate too much, drank just about the right amount, watched a little TV and played a whole range of games together having an enormous amount of fun in the process.

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