The Hobbit & search engine oddities

The Hobbit

I went to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at the cinema yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not a super Tolkien lore-nerd, but I know enough to pick up on the little details in this film and to enjoy them. Weirdly, unlike with the LoTR trilogy, this time I had the background of having played through to Moria on LoTRO.

Firstly the sets (well they’re CGI but let’s stick with the word set) such as Rivendell and of course the Shire were very reminiscent of the game.  I won’t enter into a discussion of who borrowed from who on this, but I do think there’s a nice artistic consistency between this new film and the MMO.



The locations are probably not exactly the same as they are portrayed, I’m sure the game is scaled differently for one thing, but the atmosphere of these places is very well matched.

Of course I’d be remiss in not adding my voice to the complaint that during the adverts before the film there was a Mists of Pandaria advert, yet no advert for LoTRO! What a lost opportunity for WB/Turbine!

Search engine oddities

As I come to the close of another blogging year I’ve been meaning to briefly write on the strange search engine queries that lead some visitors to my blog. It appears that hosting on is pretty good for blog visibility on search engines as I get a lot of visitors who have run a search.

For instance for many months now I have, almost daily, had visitors come to my blog who searched for “dragon dogma solo”. This is all because I wrote one article about watching someone else play this game – I’ve never even played it myself!

Also over the last week I’ve seen a massive spike in hits on Eden Eternal,  even though I haven’t played or blogged that game since July of this year!

If I had the time to do a proper analysis I believe my blogs hits by category (i.e. by game) would reflect trends in gaming – e.g. when Storm Legion was due to launch, through launch and a few weeks after Rift was the most popular category. This reenforces the search engine visibility thought above.

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