WoW: some good ideas

Although I could moan about class changes, I’m going to briefly mention two good points about Mists of Pandaria. I may go into more detail on these in a future post since my blogging free-time is short during the holidays.

1. Account services

Although Blizzard do charge for services that other companies offer for free, such as server transfers (yay Trion!), they also offer a wider variety than most companies.

A rather interesting one is the automated Item Restoration (see below), it allows you to get an item back you accidentally sold or destroyed (e.g. through disenchanting). In some cases you have to wait on a human customer service rep to check it’s within the rules of the service. I’ve not heard of anything this comprehensive to protect against accidental misclicks – I can think of losing several nice items in Guild Wars 1 as that game didn’t even have buyback from the merchants!



I’ve had very few issues with Blizzard’s support service, the website offers a host of self-access features like this one and the service is on an equal footing globally. I like the feeling as a European player that I’m on an equal footing, from a service-provision perspective at least, as the players in the US!

2. Factions for non-combat skills

The Tillers and Anglers are two new factions in the Mists expansion. They give a more solid in game role to two of the secondary professions (WoW has two tiers of crafting skills). The Tillers allow you to slowly build up a farm, which links perfectly with the cooking profession to give you a reliable source of ingredients. The Anglers give you an expanded version of the fishing daily system of previous expansions.

Pest problem

Pest problem

I haven’t started on the Anglers yet, though I do already have a basic farm on the go, and I have to say I think it’s a brilliant example of gameplay design – a mix of ‘housing’, crafting and mini-games all in one.

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