GW2: holiday cheer

Despite knuckling down to get essays written, I’ve still found some odd hours in the evenings for Guild Wars 2. I’ve had several good sessions, both on my Norn guardian and my main Asura mesmer (who I only duo with).

I have to say I’m a bit in love with the Norn starter area. I love the setting, mountains and snow are awesome in MMOs! I’ve noticed an RP guild has set up home north of Hoelbrak and I often see them on patrol while I’m out and about.

An RP guild on patrol

An RP guild on patrol

I see this as a healthy sign for the server that such groups are active and about a lot when I play. With  time so limited I’ve decided not to chase Christmas events too much, if I were to in every game I play I’d barely do anything at all! With GW2 that means smacking presents out in the open world, but I’m leaving the instanced mini-games alone for the most part.

Stop making that noise! :"(

Stop making that noise! :”(

The plush griffins that spawn out of some present boxes are so cute. The noise they make when you hit them, that squeak that a dog’s or baby’s plastic toy makes when squeezed, is so adorable. This is the worst I’ve felt ever about killing a monster in a computer game!


The toy golems on the other hand, while cool looking, are an absolute nightmare to battle. They constantly stun and interrupt abilities, so if you get a full group of them then it’s best to grab the presents and run away. It has given me a lot of practice at kiting however, which mesmers seem pretty adept at.

Whilst meandering on my Norn, I happened to group up with a thief for one of the Dredge-infested caves near their capital. We kept seeing each other over the course of the next half hour, dropping in and out of step as we both explored. Several times I gave him (male character) a buff or a hand finishing a group, several times he returned the favour. We last met up at the vendor after a long escort quest. I realised I had a green medium armour leg-piece so I offered to give it to him. No mention of payment was made. He replied with a ‘sad face’ emote that he had nothing to give me in return, as a heavy armour wearer. I replied ‘no problem’ and we bid each other farewell. It only came to me afterwards that this was very apt for the season. These virtual pixels have very little value in game nor in the time it takes to get them. But a bit of random generosity is appropriate at this time of year so why not give some holiday cheer to other players?

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