GW2: Wintersday part II

On Sunday, day 2 of the Wintersday schedule, I was ready and waiting in Divinity’s Reach for the arrival of the Tixx airship (airgolem or golemship?). I had a much better view of the golemthingy swooping down out of the sky like a pro skydiver.


After that my partner was able to log in and we had a look at some other aspects of the festivities. We gave the Bell Choir  musical mini-game a go, which I was surprised to learn is a form of PVP competition complete with ranked scoreboard at the end. It plays more like Guitar Hero or similar than normal arena or map based PVP – using the 1-4 and 6-9 keys to play notes when the lights hit the middle circle. I’d say it’s an ingenious little game to put within an MMO, personally I’m no fan of Guitar Hero style games anyway but I can see it being a hit with many players. It does represent a form of ‘PVP’ that I’d actually be more willing to play though.


The mini-game takes place in an instance inside the snowglobe that has temporarily replaced the mystic forge in Lion’s Arch. The view from inside looking out is wonderful!


After our brief foray into musical mayhem, we then set about exploring our current zone as per usual, but this time with the added goal of running to open the giant presents that come with the Wintersday event. There are several version of this fight, the ‘princess doll’ version is at least as nasty as the mini Ventaris one!


The fights are pretty well balanced, tough to solo or duo but enjoyable in a larger group. Since everyone can pick up the giftboxes that drop, there’s no competition for loot. It’s standard design for GW2 of course, but it does make the event a joy to play with others, which is a sharp contrast to such events in most MMOs where other players just make you feel rushed.

Rewards include a variety of festive clothing items, all of which are the hand-in tokens for the vendors. From what I’ve read on other blogs there is at least one adorably cute mini-pet that drops randomly, I would love to have a little festive quaggan! [link for image of Foostivoo via]

Finally to close, as a break from the festivities, here’s a picture to show off a random lovely scene from Sparkfly Fen.


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