Wintersday comes to Tyria

So Wintersday came to Tyria yesterday with some style and flair.

Deck the bridges..

Deck the bridges..

For the first time we were logged into our server and waiting for the appointed time for Tixx the Asuran Toymaker to appear and shower us with gifts. According to the letter received in-game prior to his arrival at the Grove last night (6pm GMT), he’s touring all the major cities, moving at the same time each day. So if you missed his big arrival you can read up and plan to be somewhere at the right time. It’s exciting for the first time at least and has the usual ArenaNet graphical grandeur.

In the background...

In the background…

We had to go out about 20 mins after he appeared, so I’ve yet to see much of the content. I know about the snowball fight PVP option (yawn), and that there’s something about coordinated bell-ringing. Given the deliciously chaotic nature of most open-group or pugged content in the game I can see that being a hoot! (/sarcasm). Naturally there’s also an instance as well, which as a duo we poked our heads in for about 2 minutes before rushing out the door. Yet another dungeon I won’t be grinding, though it is definitely worth entering it just to marvel at the imagination and beauty of the artwork.

Miniature village, in a dungeon!?

Miniature village, in a dungeon!?

I played my Norn briefly as well and while helping to slay a champion someone noticed a big white box wrapped up in red ribbon. Whacking it caused a horde of Skritt to pop out – and killing them gave us the tatty red socks that seems to be a currency for this event. So I can see an easy way to earn some tokens so I can buy something commemorative of my first Wintersday.

Yak's bringing gifts!

Dolyaks bringing gifts!

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