Rift: exploring and climbing

As I have stated before, Rift is game that makes very good use of the environment around the character. The world design is impressive, especially the two new continents of the expansion.

Vine city

Vine city

In my current zone, eastern holdings on Brevane I am surrounded by a vine choked, abandoned city of pretty epic proportions.

Sights to see

Sights to see

The haunted buildings encourage me to go climbing and poking my nose into corners that have nothing to do with whatever quests I may be on.  Rift is relatively welcoming to climbers – unlike WoW or LoTRO it is easy to climb up very high and impassable slopes or mountain ridges are much rarer.


The architecture is impressive in a ‘faded glory’ mode of grandeur. The scope of the original city is only magnified if you climb up to look down on the courtyards and boulevards. Though having reached this height I was struck by my desire to be able to cast a levitate and jump off – both for a quick way down and the thrill of the descent!

WTB levitate...

WTB levitate…

In the original game world of Mathosia climbing mountains did sometimes offer rewards in the hidden away puzzle areas or achievements for reaching the highest point. I can’t say I methodically chased those, climbing for me in these games is about exploration and gathering mining ore or similar. So far I’ve not found anything like that in Storm Legion, though a couple of quests have encouraged a bit of mountaineering as a side trek.

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Late comment here but…..the new Tempest soul has a Safe Fall skill. Also, of you have any kind of charge or teleport-to-mob ability you can target something below you and so long as your fall takes you in range you can hit it before you hit the ground and it will safely take you into combat instead. Yeah, consider the irony of that sentence. . . .

    Falls are now also set such that they will only do your max health in damage, so if you have any kind of shield spell (including a warding potion, I’m told but have never tested) then the fall won’t kill you either.

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