GW2: dragons and taking good pictures

We’ve not had within the space of two days two encounters with the second dragon fight event in Guild Wars 2, Tequatl the Sunless.


So far we’ve missed the dramatic animation at the start both times, we’re currently exploring the Sparkfly Fen zone, so the first we know of it is a sudden frenetic callout or ten in map chat for more to come help.


The first time we came from the east and spent a good chunk of the fight battling minions near an Asuran mega-laser. We could see signs of battle much nearer the dragon so we eventually charged into the mad fray at the dragon’s feet. Unlike the Shatterer which seems more of an ‘artillery will win the day’, this fight is much more about getting up-close and personal with the dragon.


Victory both times came pretty easily amongst the throng of characters fighting, being knocked down and revived, and frantically putting adds down before they can cause too much havoc. Unlike with the Shatterer, both times here there were plenty of players from the start. I have to say I like the dragon fights, in the same way I like zone invasions in Rift. They bring players together without the drama of PUG dungeons or the organisation pains of Raiding.

From our own correspondent...

From our own correspondent…

Dragon fights for me are still relatively new, they seem pretty frantic generally if you’re a squishy cloth-wearer like my Mesmer. During this last one I was thinking how annoying it can be to get good pictures – sure I snap lots hurriedly but I want to contribute and get my ‘gold medal’ at the end so standing around idly taking screenshots for my blog is always a secondary priority.

Guild Wars 2’s stunning visuals have certainly inspired me to take a lot of images – over 1200 so far since launch, beware the 1000 image limit in your screenshot folder! I had to rename my folder not so long ago so it could create a new empty one. I wonder does anyone ever roleplay a ‘war correspondent’ type character in any games? You might well get plenty of grief for not concentrating on the game in instanced content. Perhaps larger guilds might welcome such a participant to get good PR shots?

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