Rift: Update on cleric DPS build

I posted recently about a few builds that I was playing the most on my cleric in Rift. I had tried the ‘Arbiter’ predefined build but my modifications weren’t working out. So I went back to the drawing board and swapped in a justicar soul to give a dose of survivability.


The justicar soul brings self healing (Salvation) based on damage, 100% of single-target damage done from justicar abilities and 50% from non-justicar abilities. It also brings a stacking conviction levels (up to 4), which can then be used to fuel either a heavy light-damage attack (Hammer of Duty) or an instant heal (Doctrine of Bliss).

This has pushed me back into a mostly melee DPS focused role, since the required justicar basic attacks to generate conviction and maximise self healing are melee abilities. I was intending to have a ranged DPS role just for raid survivability (especially Judicial Prejudice!) but the playstyle of this combo does remind me of my old druid/shaman build. The self healing is fantastic and, unlike Glacial Priest, I’m not dependent on juggling damage-over-time abilities to do half-decent damage. I still use some core Inquisitor abilities (Nysyr’s Rebuke, Harsh Discipline) on cooldown or when an instant cast proc occurs (Bolt of Depravity).

As an aside to build specifics, it should be obvious from my screenshots of my UI that I do not make *any* use of macros. I’m sure many Rift players would disapprove of this as ‘sub-optimal’. I did mess with the system a bit early on, but as a non-raider I just find the idea of reducing my rotation to a handful of buttons unappealing regardless of the efficiency that might bring.

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Depends on the build as to whether or how many macros I may use. My cleric in Defiler solo mode doesn’t use any at all. My “Druidicar” uses one for a spam macro after I’m into melee range, and it simply does Shield of Oak, Combined Effort, Bolt of Radiance, then Strike of Judgment spam. AE is simply Shield of Oak and Even Justice spam.

    My Mage in solo build uses 1 macro for her slash attacks, again, when in melee range only, but all her ranged spells are unmacroed. My warrior uses a builder macro and a finisher macro, but IIRC they’re both only 2 or 3 lines either. With the skill revamp it seems that most skills had their cooldowns removed to make them un-macro-able anyway, but then a lot of skills also seem to have been removed in order to allow for simplified rotations even without macros.

    The only build I really feel that macros are “necessary” is my Shaman dps build. I have a magic macro and a physical macro and simply go back and forth between the 2. Without the macros it’d be a dance between about 8 buttons rather than 2, and anymore I find I like being able to watch what I’m doing in the screen, not worry about which button I’m pushing on the keyboard or clicking in the hotbar, so I actually find myself preferring to only have 3-4 buttons to hit anymore.

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