Rift: Hunt rifts

I’ve now experienced another of the new features that has come to Rift in Storm Legion, the Hunt Rift. A call went up in level 50-59 chat soon after I had logged in for all-comers above level 51 to come join the raid in Eastern Holdings. Happily they didn’t require all members to have a ‘hunt rift lure’, the very expensive vendor-bought item from Tempest Bay that allows someone to open a hunt rift from an active planar tear. The cheapest are 10,000 planarite which is about half my stock on my main character at present. Now I’m on a much more active server I should get to do more open world content, soon I’ll be able to afford to buy my own lures.


Each hunt is a five stage rift, with the planar ‘herald’ boss appearing at multiple stages. There are a lot of additional creatures to deal with as well so the fights tend to be pretty chaotic. It’s not very easy to get good images when you’re frantically fighting a massive beast and a dozen other elites!


All in all, I stayed with the raid for three complete hunt rifts. It was a good session with the group riding or porting across the zone as new planar tears opened. This was in Eastern Holdings so the hunts were just normal ones, there are ‘great hunt’ rift lures as well that I will hopefully experience once I reach the new level cap.

Hunt rifts are a nice addition to the game, like the onslaught mechanic from Ember Isle. It’s another activity that group focused yet in the open world. They aren’t so challenging as to cause groups to reject unknown players so they are like invasions, but at a player chosen location and time. I have now logged on three times within a week to find an invasion underway, two of the three times it ended before I could even hit the boss creature once; the last time I did manage to hit one of the two bosses a few times to get a measly 200 planarite as reward. Hunt rift lures do put the scheduling of the event into players hands, which can be a big advantage.

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2 Responses to Rift: Hunt rifts

  1. pkudude99 says:

    I got into a small hunt rift group with my guild last night on my warrior. We did 4 or 5 and even the “normal” ones seemed to be worth about 5% of a level, so I can see why people say that hunt rift groups are a pretty quick way to level up.

    • Telwyn says:

      I wasn’t paying attention to my XP to be honest but it seems a great chance to practice larger group dynamics. I was under level compared to a lot of the others this time but as I get higher I’d like to try healing one of them!

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