Holiday gaming overload

For the last few years, and this year will be no exception, ‘the holidays’ represent a frustrating time of year gaming-wise. Take last year’s just-in-time launch of SWTOR, where I was barely online for a few hours over the Christmas week. This year I still have the majority of Storm Legion to explore in Rift but soon enough I’ll be traveling around the country and unable to game much at all. I do have a gaming laptop but a stable Internet connection and the time to actually play will be in short supply.

Also like last year I’m buried under the weight of essays to write for my masters – my own fault of course but just because I’m loving studying doesn’t mean I don’t also want to indulge my MMO hobby.

There are also some stellar seasonal in-game festivals to enjoy, I barely scratched the surface of Frostfell last year – it’s a truly huge event. Rift of course will have Winter Yule to enjoy as well. Layered on top of that will be the next Guild Wars 2 event as well. A veritable feast of gaming delights, if only I had the time to enjoy it all!

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