Spinks on one-off events

Spinks has a nice post discussing two different player groupings regarding how they view dynamic events. The comments are well worth reading as well. I find it hard to place myself purely as a type 1 (prefers static, predictable world) or type 2 (prefers dynamic, unpredictable world) player.

On the one hand I was really annoyed by the extremes of the Wrath zombie invasion event in WoW. Players took it as a perfect opportunity to grief as much as possible and to disrupt other players playtime (on a RP-PVE server I might add). Yes, I could have just stopped what I was doing and given in to the event but then it was quite a long period, and I’d organised with my partner to use the ‘refer-a-friend’ system to power level some alts to fill our guild’s dungeon roster gaps. So this disruptive event wasted a week or so’s time-limited bonus XP -time we’d paid for and couldn’t get back! This makes me think I should be a type 1 of course.

On the other hand I really enjoyed the earlier world events in Rift which were more mysterious and spontaneous. The last few before I unsubscribed (last summer) were very formulaic as mentioned by commenters in Spink’s own post. The world events themselves moved from type 2 content to type 1 in this sense, perhaps reflecting the bulk of the feedback Trion was receiving? My favourite pass time in Rift at present is zone invasions, which are unpredictable and player driven in terms of how quickly they are resolved. This view of Rift places me as more a type 2. I do wonder whether many of players who would be categorised as type 1, maybe even consider themselves to be type 1 as well might simply not have experienced enough dynamic and time-limited content in MMOs? For the many who never played Ultima Online or Everquest 1, such events are mostly out of their experience.

So far I’m very supportive of ArenaNet’s take on one-off events, I think we’re lacking this type of content broadly in the MMO space. Trion have moved away from it with Rift and Bioware seem unable to keep any vaguely interesting pace of events in SWTOR. The question is will ArenaNet resist the tide of complaints from type 1’s and keep going with this bold, perhaps even risky strategy?

The big bad karka

The big bad karka

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