Rift: Moving server

Today I moved my main Rift character to Icewatch (for free!) to trial playing on this other EU English server. I did hesitate to do this a few times over the last week or so, as I feel like his home is on Argent. I’ve never needed to ‘move home’ in an MMO before; Moonglade was always my home in WoW, Laurelin for LoTRO. I guess I was lucky in SWTOR that Progenitor was a destination server and not a origin server when the merges happened in that game.

Usually I pick an RP server as I prefer them, atmosphere-wise, even if they’re invariably quieter. In EQ2 I started with the launch of the Freeport server which is a non-RP PVE server. Although I miss the lack of player-organised RP events in that game I am still reluctant to consider a move to Antonia Bayle the official RP server for EQ2. That’s due to the practical reason of the pre-F2P servers being very top-heavy character level-wise. Freeport still has many more people playing in low and mid-tier zones; having experienced LoTRO as one of the very few new players to join in the year before F2P I can recall just how lonely the lower zones can be in a more mature MMO.

The very moment I logged into Icewatch for the first time there was an invasion in Cape Jule, good start! It was a nice romp across the area slaying, clicking and healing the group.

A nice full invasion raid.

A nice full invasion raid.

Afterwards I moved back to City Core to have a go at an instant adventure, I jumped straight into a group of 6, another positive sign that the population is much healthier! Whether I stay on the server will depend on how the community feel is, but at least now I can level by a mix of quests and open group content – which is pretty much the reason why I play Rift in the first place.

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4 Responses to Rift: Moving server

  1. pkudude99 says:

    I hope this server works out for you.

    Out of curiosity, how are you spec’d? I see some Druid and some Shaman skills on your bar, and a whole lot of icons I don’t recognize either.

    • Telwyn says:

      The main one is a Glacial Priest prebuild. I used to run Druid/Shaman before the expansion, tried the druid prebuild but didn’t like it.

      I had a post on cleric specs brewing this weekend so will post more in that.

      • pkudude99 says:

        Kewl. For my soloing/leveling, I’m swapping back and forth between 2 builds — 1’s a druid/justicar combo that uses the druid’s dps pet and is melee based. The other is deep defiler with a pretty high inquisitor hybrid in it. Using the Beacon of Despair makes soloing a breeze too, it’s just that “caster style” doesn’t really do it for me, so I find myself using the druidicar build more often,

  2. kaozz says:

    When I poked in to play with one of my F2P characters (before subbing again) I had the same issue, the server was dead. I just couldn’t see playing like that, it was so lonely. Though since playing on a regular realm I am much happier that it didn’t turn out like that. Glad you found a more populated server, I headed to Faeblight recently, since my old server isn’t available, it seems to be pretty hopping.

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