GW2: big fights and explorer’s delight

A rather satisfying session in GW2 tonight. We started at a Hylek village under attack by risen, they died quickly enough, but the undead mega-shark in the nearby river proved quite a challenge for the dozen or so heroes nearby.


This was shortly followed by another risen-themed attack on the same village, this time with the chance to fight off an undead ship with some catapults!


The ship’s dramatic demise was particularly satisfying to witness, some even jumped into the water to watch it sink to it’s doom.


Afterwards a vista beckoned to us from upon high. The vistas still give us endless enjoyment, especially the harder to reach ones, they often lead to the best views in the game.


This one in particular lead to some stunning rock platforms, part natural and part carved. A bit of a jumping puzzle but not too stressful and it felt exciting to explore ruins of such a grand scale.




We’d gathered a large amount of wood and platinum so we returned to the nearby crafting base and made use of the facilities. So far we’ve generally managed to keep our artificing and jewelcrafting up to speed so we can upgrade weapons and rings/accessories as we level up.



Just to give it a try I made rare use of one of the black lion chest items, a Black Lion Delivery Agent – this piratical gentleman will allow you to collect on any auction house bought items and the profits from any items sold, where ever you happen to be. With waypoint instant travel such items (there’s one to summon a standard merchant NPC as well) are generally a luxury, perhaps you’d have more need of one in dungeon runs?

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