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Thoughts for 2013

I’m posting my general thoughts for gaming in 2013 today since I’ll be away again for a few days with friends to celebrate New Year’s Day. I hope that I will find time again at some point in the year … Continue reading

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Christmas gaming

Christmas with my family has always involved lots of gaming, though the nature of that gaming has changed with time. When I was a child it was generally board games (traditional ones such as Cluedo or Careers) or games of … Continue reading

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The Hobbit & search engine oddities

The Hobbit I went to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at the cinema yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not a super Tolkien lore-nerd, but I know enough to pick up on the little details in this film and … Continue reading

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WoW: some good ideas

Although I could moan about class changes, I’m going to briefly mention two good points about Mists of Pandaria. I may go into more detail on these in a future post since my blogging free-time is short during the holidays. … Continue reading

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Merry Frostfell!

Since I have a few new Frostfell items this year, it’s EQ2’s turn to be the holidays’ postcard. Have a great Christmas, one and all, whether you have time for gaming and blogging or not!

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EQ2: crafting in Frostfell Village

So last night I had a brief chance for an EQ2 game, and decided rather than running seasonal instances to get some crafting done. Last year I didn’t really touch on this, though in part because I didn’t have a … Continue reading

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GW2: holiday cheer

Despite knuckling down to get essays written, I’ve still found some odd hours in the evenings for Guild Wars 2. I’ve had several good sessions, both on my Norn guardian and my main Asura mesmer (who I only duo with). … Continue reading

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