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GW2: Dredgocolypse

One of the regular opponents of heroes in Guild Wars 2 are the Dredge. These mole-men are frequent villains in the Durmond Priory storyline since they have a fondness for disturbing ancient ruins and destroying or stealing ancient artifacts. In … Continue reading

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Cooperative gaming coming of age (again)?

The trend of games adopting or readopting cooperative gaming for the open world seems to be building pace. Two games have recently moved in this direction, I find this trend very interesting as it fits nicely with my current preferred … Continue reading

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GW2: The Shatterer

Although I’ve been high enough level for some time I finally experienced my first GW2 dragon fight last Sunday. This post is a bit delayed because I wanted to report on the final phase of Lost Shore as top priority. … Continue reading

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Group finder or not

I’ve been contemplating giving the group finder in Rift a go for the last few sessions, there’s an instance that bridges story-wise the pre-expansion event and the expansion itself. Last night I did queue for it using the dungeon finder, … Continue reading

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Lost Shore event final phase

Despite a weekend set aside for a family visit, we managed to log into GW2 in time for the scheduled third phase of the Lost Shore event yesterday evening. We headed over to the island and started exploring just as … Continue reading

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Does Guild Wars 2 need a mobile app?

Mobile applications for MMOs are certainly¬†de rigeur these days, offering offline access to your characters, chat facilities, even scratch card games with prizes in the case of the Rift app shown above. Guild and friendlist chat options is certainly a … Continue reading

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Rift: gearing up again

Several bloggers reviewing Storm Legion have mentioned the initial mob toughness – that you have to take care not to pull groups. I actually think, in Brevane at least, that the mobs are generally easier than Ember Isle; or the … Continue reading

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