GW2: undead swimmers and secret gardens

Last night’s Guild Wars 2 session was a nice antidote to my Rift grouping woes. The server (Piken Square) was buzzing all night in all the zones we went to, not “special weekend crazy” but a steady flow of other players all running around, joining in and cheerfully emoting/chatting with one another.

A trip to check out a skill point and point of interest within an underwater cave system could have put a real dampener on the evening because the event we ended up doing was simply impossibly hard. We had other players with us but swarms of undead swimmers kept on appearing and many had a ‘drag on over’ ability pulling you this way and that way – which made group up and AoE nuke tactics useless.

I did get to take a lovely screenshot of my Elementalist companion’s Whirlpool (underwater version of Tornado). For some reason this usually glitches graphically underwater so the character simply vanishes and no graphic appears in his place.

After giving up on the undead-infested waters, things took a turn for the better. We did some random exploring to map the start of a new zone. It so happens this involved a whole area of unscalable cliffs with the top accessible by a network of short caves. This really felt like quality exploring time afterwards. We wandered around all over trying to find shortcuts up and in the end discovered the cave network and then went for it with trying each branch or passageway. This lead to a patch full of cauliflower (see minimap in above screenshot). I love these ‘secret garden’ like patches of plants, not just because I have a cooking alt, but also because they’re often tied to a hard to get to place so require some exploring to reach.

To get our last few events for the daily we hopped over on to our charr pair. They’re still languishing in the starter area since we’re not playing alt characters much yet. I do find bouncing around on my charr to be a joyous experience. The run animation still makes me smile everytime I play him!

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