Slow leveling and guilds

I’m doing a lot of self-reflection and attempts at future planning related to study and work at the moment and that mood or mindset has been affecting my thoughts on the games I’m playing as well.

I’ve been contemplating joining a guild in Rift or maybe even EQ2 since most MMOs are simply less fun to play solo from my own very personal perspective. The times I’ve enjoyed the most in various games were when the guild chat was buzzing and grouping was easy and relaxed – the first couple of years of WoW, the first few months of SWTOR, LoTRO around the time of Mirkwood’s release.

I’m a 100% PVE leveling/story devotee, but I haven’t any real desire to raid. Since I’ve been studying alongside work for years now I have issues meeting a fixed raiding schedule due to other time pressures. This makes me a somewhat awkward fit for most PVE-focussed guilds. I can join in on dungeon runs but I’m not likely to keep up with gear progression due to time constraints. I can think of several times in various games where all the action is at the newly raised level cap and I haven’t even reached the original one yet (coming late to the party is never a good experience).

Although I’ve played Rift pretty heavily recently, well heavily for me, I’m still only level 51 and the first two zones of Brevane are almost devoid of other players. The fun instant adventure feature isn’t working anymore since it dumps me in a raid of one (myself) more often than not.

I guess this is a player-centric ‘issue’ in most games, the majority play more than I do so I’m destined to always fall behind. My fault as it were, or at least my schedules and tendency to play more than one game.

Thinking back on my WoW years there was one particular factor that really helped our guild stay strong for a long time – we made playing with each other a priority over personal or character goals. We all had plenty of alts at various levels so we could play together as much as possible despite the lack of any mentoring or similar in WoW (from that perspective it’s still *the* most group-unfriendly MMO around).

Other guilds I have joined haven’t had this esprit de corps, the binding principle to keep people playing together. I’m as much to blame as anyone else in these guilds – I never felt as involved as I did with that WoW guild so I didn’t always stop questing to do a dungeon or jump across the game world to help a guild-mate with an elite.

So I guess I need somehow to find a guild that has a similar ethos. Finding one where people play content just to play together and not for progression/tokens/loot is my MMO ideal.

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5 Responses to Slow leveling and guilds

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Sorry to hear that your server’s not well populated. For me I can’t hardly take 2 steps without tripping over another player in those zones still. Constantly “fighting for mobs” for the carnage quests. IA’s give me 3-10 other people in the raid. If you open a hunt rift, chances are that at least 4 people will show up to help before you get to the part where you really can’t solo it.

    I just looked at’s server status page and while Argent appears to be very low pop, Icewatch appears to be well populated, even getting a login queue last week at one point. (For comparison, Argent sits at a perfectly flat “Low population” on the same graph. . . .) Its population score actually makes it the 4th most populated server in the game. Perhaps a transfer to Icewatch would help?

    • Telwyn says:

      Yes I think it’s a no-brainer really. I enjoy Rift mostly for the open world / open group activities and that’s flat out not working now (well it probably is in the cap level zones still).

  2. Mekhios says:

    I understand your pain. My WoW guild imploded after Cataclysm and my LOTRO guild simply had people stop turning up. My solution was to move to a non-game specific guild. I am actually in a “clan” now which has strong roots in FPS shooters. We’re very active in GW2, WoT, the CoD clones, and now PlanetSide 2.

    Because we focus more on the people and less on the games we’re a very community minded clan/guild. It means when interest in a game wanes the clan simply doesn’t disintegrate. People build strong online relationships and we move together to new games if people are interested.

    As you can imagine I am pretty much done with game focused guilds. Their lifespan is very short.

    • Telwyn says:

      I was in such a guild as well, with ‘chapters’ in several games. But sadly the guild suffered a crisis recently over playstyles (light-rp small group vs raiding) and has moved in a direction I’m not happy to follow in. It was the same in SWTOR, the guild chapter withered when the population of the game started nose-diving. We merged with another guild full of nice enough players but they were so end-game focused I no longer felt comfortable.

      My original WoW guild friends have tried other games but for the most part we’ve never found any game that we can all agree on since. I’m the only one who has played other MMOs for long periods of time.

      • Mekhios says:

        That’s a shame. I guess I have no real solution to offer then. Maybe finding a long term stable guild/clan that progresses through many games is a matter of luck?

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