Rift: pacing new content

Since the questing in Rift has been split into story, carnage (kill X) and a third category of ‘in the field’ side quests (e.g. following some tracks) I’ve realised I have to backtrack. I’ve tended to ignore the carnage quests unless they’re completed as part of doing something else.

Hot on the trail

In my play session today I realised in following the story quests that I’d skipped quite a bit of content in Cape Jule – for instance I still had 8 carnage quests in my log. Mobs in the Eastern Holdings (the zone I’d just entered) were one or two levels higher than me and things were getting a bit too tough. My gathering had fallen behind as well so it was time to head back to the start and fill in the gaps.

Unexpected encounters


This journey back has filled in some patches on my map and turned up some unexpected encounters as well. Had I not fallen behind the leveling curve I might have filled in the deficit in my XP by Instant Adventure or other group activities but this weekend it has become apparent how far behind I must be now – repeated attempts to queue leave me in a raid of 1.

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Wow. I could queue for IA’s at 48 and get at least 3 others, sometimes more. Once I hit 50 I was joining raids with 8-10 people. Of course, I’m on Faeblight, which i’m told is a more populous server, so that could be the difference.

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