EQ2: Heroes Festival

Everquest 2 has a Heroes Festival live at the moment, which surprisingly for a potentially rather ‘meta’ event I’m enjoying a lot. There are actually parallels in some RPGs for adventurers to be given societies or guilds to belong to, so they aren’t all lone wolf heroes that roam the wilderness never meeting. In EQ2 there’s an annual event to celebrate all of the heroic deeds of the last year in the two major cities (Qeynos and Freeport).

Fireworks are part of any good MMO celebration

As I’ve come to expect from the EQ2 devs this festival included some better than average questing. There were ‘set of fireworks’, ‘find people’ and other standard city-bound quest types of course. But there is also a longish series of quests about an adventurer who is trapped in a dream.

Without going into to major spoilers the chain takes you to several very varied and interesting locales. They don’t have much deeper meaning to me as a relatively new player but I suspect they would bring back memories for veterans…

It’s all a dream

I consider these longer event quests (like the Halloween mansion or the Frostfell maze) to be some of the best solo content I’ve yet seen in any MMO. They auto-scale on character level so you never outgrow them nor are you locked out by not being at ‘cap’ yet. They can certainly be a challenge if you haven’t twinked your character with overpowered hand-me-down gear from a higher level character. For example my warden had a lot of trouble with the groups in said Halloween mansion than my inquisitor as he’s more of a healer spec.

I find the event interesting for a couple of reasons. It’s not a simple copy of a real world seasonal festivity for one. Secondly it acknowledges the hordes of adventurers who, on a daily basis, are doing acts of heroism (or at least well-meaning drudgery) for the citizens of the Norrath.

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