Black Friday

Black Friday lacks any real cultural significance for me as a Brit (it sounds like the sort of name used to signify a day when a historically bad stock market crash occurred), but it’s unavoidable since I’m so involved in MMO gaming and read many US based websites and blogs. Massively for instance had yesterday a good summary of all of the sales and promotions that are up for this festivity of consumerism.

Of the features games identified in the list a few are relevant to me:

Guild Wars 2
ArenaNet are putting three items per day (Fri-Sun) up for heavy discount. I am almost certainly going to buy some Gems for the first time this weekend – playing again last night I was struck for the Nth time at how visually stunning the game is and I simply think it deserves some continued financial support for all the pleasure I get playing it. However the sales are unlikely to help me as my main aim is to increase shared bank space and that’s not a gem store item per se – you unlock that from the inventory UI.

SOE games
Well Everquest 2 only at the moment but since the deal (Yesterday only, sorry!)is a simple double Station Cash deal it covers any and all of them. I bought 2000 SC last night for only £8 I’m happy. That money will fund my continued broker access as a Silver level player. It will also be used to buy the occasional treat, like a mount for new characters.

Well we haven’t played Dungeons and Dragons Online in many moons but I saw it on the list and this reminded me that I never tried the druid class, in fact I even missed the launch of the expansion in the summer. There’s simply no time for this at the moment but I’ll have a few months at least of increased free time from spring onwards next year so it’ll have to be re-queued for taking a spin in Eberron once more.

I’m so far off needing to buy Rohan it’s not funny level-wise. Also I have a lifetime account so have thousands of unspent points so a double points deal isn’t appealing. I’m not playing LoTRO either at the moment, I expect I’ll pop back at some point but the game’s combat just seems so dated compared to other games I play now.

It was interesting that the newest kid to the Free-to-Play block, SWTOR, didn’t have any Black Friday promotions on Cartel Coins or whatever. I’d have thought any opportunity for promotion of the game is too good to miss at the moment…

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Yeah, it’s become something of an American only event coupled with our Thanksgiving holiday. The name actually comes from it having long been the busiest retail shopping day of the year, so it’s the day that the retailers’ books go from being in the red to being in the black. And since Thanksgiving is the only holiday left that is absolutely on an odd day instead of being moved to a Monday to make a long weekend (even the 4th of July is starting to be celebrated on the closest Friday or Monday anymore) I don’t see that changing any time soon. Thanksgiving is over, so Christams season has started, most people take that Friday off anyway, why not go shopping? 😉

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