GW2: Dredgocolypse

One of the regular opponents of heroes in Guild Wars 2 are the Dredge. These mole-men are frequent villains in the Durmond Priory storyline since they have a fondness for disturbing ancient ruins and destroying or stealing ancient artifacts.

In our GW2 session last night we carried on the early 50s personal stories of our Asura, heading further down the icy valleys south of Hoelbrak. The session started easily enough, with us even bagging some events near the beginning of our journey south.

After completing one story stage we ended up near Dostoev Sky Peak, a cave zone replete with vista, skill point and a whole lot of Dredge.

Tempting Vista upon high

Now we’d actually been here before some weeks ago, although only briefly. This time we were out to ‘complete’ the sub-zone and get the vista floating up high. Getting there is a problem, it’s a long and tortuous path of climbing scaffolding and ramps. It’s also not an obvious path with some dead-ends. The issue with the area is the respawn rate of the Dredge and their particularly annoying set of abilities – lots of ranged DPS types, the digging-suit ones that can summon additional Dredge and the tough sword and shield tank types. You start fighting one and suddenly you’re surrounded by six or more Dredge and it’s time to run for it.

Progress at last!

Having to backtrack means you’ll end up fighting the same spawns multiple times probably. This started to grate on me rather as I’d spent over an hour killing the same creatures. In the end we made it and the feeling of achievement was worth it, plus there’s a small loot chest up there as well full of blue rarity items.


All in all, it was a good session, we both dinged level 60 and got our highest level tomes to unlock full trait access. We both got some item upgrades and a ton of rarer crafting mats simply because we were killing so many creatures. There are at least two events within the area too so you can grab those, we were there long enough for the item collection event to trigger twice. It may not be my favourite area of the game, but I would suggest this cave does represent a pretty optimum ‘grind’ spot if you prefer killing stuff in large numbers over wandering and doing hearts.

After such a distraction we thought we’d better do one more stage of our personal stories since we’re still behind on them (at level 53). Of course it turned out to be an ‘invade base full of Dredge’ quest, Dredgocolypse!

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