GW2: The Shatterer

Although I’ve been high enough level for some time I finally experienced my first GW2 dragon fight last Sunday. This post is a bit delayed because I wanted to report on the final phase of Lost Shore as top priority.

N.B. This is a spoilerish post so stop reading if you’ve not experienced this fight yet!

We’d travelled over land with a higher level guild friend via the ruins of old ascalon to the correct area for this scheduled world boss fight, but he wasn’t around when we arrived and after a quick session filling a heart killing some creatures we gave up.

This time around I was forewarned and forearmed – there is actually at least one website with approximate timers for the dragons on a specific shard, I used this one. As it happens the dragon appeared about fifteen minutes after the page said it should have, but this is a community driven project – you submit a form saying when the dragon was last up and that helps the page to calculate when it’ll be up again on that shard.

Big dragon, far away

As is often the case, initially the few players in the area were swamped by the groups of minions the dragon summons. We died a lot, I seemed to be spending most of my time ressing others or waiting to be ressed myself. This weekend was possibly the worst weekend to try something lower level given most are distracted by the Lost Shore event (post on that to follow). Still the community rallied when the call for help was posted in map chat and soon we swelled up to a good dozen players. That’s when I started to have time to see what was going on and work out the tactics. The use of the available technological aids was crucial, both turrets and mortars.

Who needs spells when you have a great big turret to fire?

I found it very interesting that the mortars can switch between dps on the adds and healing the players nearer the dragon. There needs to be some players defending the camps where the turrets and mortars are situated or they get swamped and destroyed pretty quickly by the hordes of dragon-helper monsters.

The open ground in front of the dragon is pretty vicious to operate in, especially with low numbers of players providing the artillery support.

Getting vaguely close to a dragon is bad for your health

Also the dragon had a few tricks up his sleeve for even those further away, vigilance in helping the players around you is key to this whole fight.


All in all it was a very enjoyable fight, it lasted about 30 minutes but then it took perhaps half of that for enough players to turn up for us to make progress beyond simple survival. According to chat comments the fight was tuned to be harder than at launch, though I can’t comment on by how much. Certainly I think the fight has an epic feel to it, at least from a first-timer perspective.

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2 Responses to GW2: The Shatterer

  1. João Carlos says:

    Sadly, that dragon and the Sunless one are big huge pinatas. The Claw of Jortag, however, is a good fight. Maybe they can add to that dragons fights things we saw fighting the Ancient Krka, as rocks slides and throwing rocks at geisers…

  2. talon uchiha says:

    i am a level 80 necermancer i took on the dragon ALONE and died in 5 min

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