Group finder or not

I’ve been contemplating giving the group finder in Rift a go for the last few sessions, there’s an instance that bridges story-wise the pre-expansion event and the expansion itself.

Last night I did queue for it using the dungeon finder, which I have to date never used – when I did my grouping in Rift near launch it was with guilds and with ‘chat spam’ pugs.

It wasn’t a good experience, in part due to my shock at a long forgotten side to MMOs. I haven’t pugged since soon after Cataclysm’s launch in 2010. It was a pretty dire experience then, and from my vicarious observations of my partner playing in LFR I would say it hasn’t improved much, Blizzard have just ‘adapted’ the raids to be possible if a third of the group AFK or do completely the wrong thing.

Rift has a smaller community overall, and the server I’m on (Argent EU) seems friendly and good natured. So I was looking forward to playing perhaps with some of the names I’ve seen in so many public events. Sadly of course the dungeon finder in Rift is now cross server, I had missed this development during my absence from the game. I was met with four players from other servers, none from Argent. Cue the usual WoW-style pug – tank buffs and runs into the nearest group of enemies while I (as healer) am still buffing up. I didn’t even have time to type in “never done this before sorry if I miss anything” or the like. I dropped group to save myself from the depressing silent efficiency of such groups, there was no “hello” in party just a “healer heal more” since they’d taken a scratch while I was getting oriented.

It reminded me that there is a majority of MMO players now who are used to, even conditioned to play this way. Thankfully in the open world side of Rift on Argent people are generally moderately chatty, communicative and friendly. I’ll stick to leveling through story quests, instant adventures and invasions for now.

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  1. Meznir says:

    I hate PUGs SOOOOOO much. Most people (not all) are either rude, completely silent and/or want to charge through as fast as possible without letting healers drink or discuss tactics at all. An option to only queue for your own server might help as it lowers the impression of “I’m never going to see this person again” – or even a tick box for “nice people only” would be good! 🙂

    • Telwyn says:

      It’s brand new content, which is the thing I find most shocking about this. I can’t believe I’m expected to know it all and ‘gogogo’ when the expansion’s only been out a week!

  2. Milady says:

    You have to go into the LFD with a different mindset or not go at all; I decided upon the latter, same as you. What helped me when I still did some dungeons was queuing with a friend, because I tend to be a bit ‘feisty’ and things can get really ugly if someone demands me to go faster (I’m usually tanking), and having someone backing you up can be the difference between seething anger and mild disappointment.

    It breaks my heart to see players behaving as if they were playing with bots. When did our MMOs start degrading to this pitiful state in which players feel entitled to their multiplayer without ever being social?

    • Telwyn says:

      I should know better to stear clear of it but I’m used to people being pretty communicative and friendly in Rift so it was quite a shock. GW2 actually does even better in this regard as the game is ‘training’ people that it’s not all about competing for resources or fastest possible time speed runs…

  3. pkudude99 says:

    I did a cross-server group the other day. It was King’s Breach on my level 40 mage. The tank was new to the instance so didn’t know where you can overpull and such, but most of us were a little overlevel, so while we did wipe once, we took out enough of the mobs from the overpull that we roflstomped it after that. No other issues in the instamce, though we did have to say “go here, do that, etc.” And I haven’t played Rift in a year or so, so I didn’t remember the final fight at all and got killed by an easily avoidable AE, but the others took it out, so it wasn’t a big deal. Fun was had by all, and everyone said “Thanks for the group” at the end, so I felt like it was a decent friendly run.

    No idea if it would be the same up in the 50+ dungeons, though. I haven’t bothered to try yet. Heck, I’ve never even done Cadeucus Rise yet, much less any new dungeons. . . . .

    • Telwyn says:

      I’d be the first to admit that I’m rusty in dungeons in Rift. I haven’t run any since level 20-odd. Some groups are good, some are bad but given my limited play time I’m just not willing to play russian roulette with my freetime at the moment.

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